The spider was small but stealth. He was on a mission. He had information to collect and would not be deterred. He was a secret agent, genetically altered to record and store information via micro chip embedded in his belly, although he would have preferred them putting it in one of his legs.

This particular mission was proving to be specifically difficult due to a subject who was sleeping and continually flailing, inadvertantly slapping him with each flail.

He hopped about, trying to hide himself. He was trying to position himself where he could get the best audio file possible. His target would be waking up soon. He needed to get his cover before he was detected.

This was going to be a big meeting. His target was named Mame Goblet, and she was going to be contacting her handler, George the Marmalade, who would give her her orders. His job was to find out what these orders were. Surely, they would be about some sort of destruction of the planet. He was a small hopping spider but he had big dreams about saving the entirety of existence and he had a determined will to match it.

He positioned himself in the folds of her sweater. It was a tight knit, which gave him a lot of foot holds for his eight legs. He was firmly in his position. Now he just had to wait.

It felt like day, months, years, when in actuality it was about five seconds. She finally woke up. She grabbed at

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