Writing a screenplay is hard work. Now, for those of you that want to learn about the structure of a screenplay, I am afraid, you will need to look elsewhere. This book is to give you some pointers that I use myself.
Let us start off with the basics. What's a classic mistake that most people make when writing comedy? They try to be funny. Like Steve Kaplan says, it is a negative action. A negative action is where a character does something that doesn't help them win.
There are certain archetypes that comedy operates under. This is a matter of personal taste. I don't want to go into much detail abut them. The most notable is the stupid person.
Why so many comedies get away with this archetype? It's because a good comedy will place a real human being underneath the archetype. It relates to a horror film. Who is the most sympathetic person in a horror film? The final girl. The virginal lady is the archetype, but Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, was real. She was insecure. We saw that, but she was strong and dependable and a fighter at the same time.
Write as if you were in that situation. How would you respond? There you know it will be organic when you write your screenplay. Make sure your characters act in accordance to their personality. If a girl is cautious and professional, I wouldn't have her giving lap dances to strange men in a bar, unless a motive has been established

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