The road was long and dark. One could hear the sounds of crows in the distance. Misty thought that this must be the creepiest place that she had ever been. She really didn't want to be there right now, but her responsibility pressed her onward. She had told her mother that she would deliver the bread to the old lady on the hill because no one ever visited her and she was probably very hungry since she was mostly bed ridden.

Misty pulled up her courage and continued to walk down the path. The tall trees made even taller black shadows on the ground in front of her and she literally felt like she was going to just jump out of her skin right then and there.

The bread was starting to get heavier and heavier. She felt like she wouldn't be able to carry it for much longer. She looked down at her arm and there were indentations from where the strap to the bag was burrowing into her skin. It was red and rough. She wanted to turn around that very instant, but something in her urged her on. She wanted to face her fear. She wanted to face her pain.

She heard something rustling in the bushes ahead of her. Without even thinking about it, she came to a complete halt. She couldn't take another step forward. She felt like she was paralyzed, paralyzed with complete fear and anxiety. She had no idea what it might be and she didn't feel like getting eaten on this night of all nights.

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