Annabelle's hymen tore, allowing the blood to gush from her thighs. Her ample buttocks turned upward, her attacker thrust himself into her vagina from behind. Boom, boom boom. He grunted, his name was Samuel. Golden sunlight bathed the forest in a splendid glow of unadulterated horror. Her screams he did not muffle. Samuel did not care whether or not anyone found him. He was the finest blacksmith in all the land. His hands were hardened and strengthened by the constant forging of steel.
The pain ripped through her body. She felt as though her intestines would tear through her stomach and burst from her belly. She drifted in and out of consciousness for up to two minutes. A marvelous thing occurred. Her pussy lubed itself up. She grew wetter and wetter. The pain dissipated and was replaced by an uncontrollable current of pleasure pulsating throughout her body.
She began pushing back against her attacker. ''Deeper. Don't stop.''
Annabelle's grunting mimicked that of squabbling pigs. Her bulbous ass slammed against Samuel's balls. He ejaculated inside Annabelle as her eyes started fluttering in the back of her skull. She moaned to herself. Samuel pulled out and seized his victim by the hair and whispered in her ear. ''Little piglet. Tell anyone, and I'll kill you.''
He forced her head into the ground and stomped off. Annabelle staggered to her feet and broke off

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