Listen, I'm here for the world and I'm here for the people, I'm here for the truth I'm gonna keep this real simple, I'm also here for the love and I'm here for compassion, and I'm strong enough to be hurt and teach as it happens, because a person only knows what he or she experiences, and the faster we grasp this the better off our future is. There's no neglecting the fact that we feel like we lack some kind of importance or higher calling, we're continously falling into a depressing state of mind that eventually releases over time. But if you stop and take a minute, let your thoughts become diminished, think clearer and envision the life you want to be living, then something amazing will start to take place, keep a good attitude and your back in first place, but dont get excited keep a steady pace, let your body adapt to the change, make it a habit and stick to it for days, turn those days into weeks, and then into months and when you hit years, you will have finally won, but the race never ends its only just begun, you made it from a crawl to a walk now its time for you to run, and as your picking up the speed, imagine yourself flying, take off to the highest cloud and see the demons crying, below they weep in heards of pain, entrapped in hell is where they shall remain, don't let them into your life from these earthly sins, keeping love in your heart is where it all begins

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