Chapter 1

Janel and Apple had been friends for 30 years, ever since their families moved into the same condominium complex when they were just five years old. Now they were old women at 35. They liked to drink and party and exactly in that order. Janel was fresh out of a relationship, although it seemed she was always fresh out of a relationship considering her relationships usually lasted a month and she was in one every other. Apple didn't commit so easily, but that didn't mean she lacked experience. She went through guys like shampoo bottles, the travel sized ones.

Janel decided to make the call. She had been staring at her computer screen for six hours straight and she was sick of crunching number. The hour hand was moving slowly but it was approaching the three and that was when she usually made her call to Apple to confirm their destination for this Friday evening. She grabbed her cell phone and told her boss she was taking a five minute break. She made her way to the side exit of the building while simultaneously scrolling through her contacts and pressing call on Apple's name. "Yo Janel....."

You have reached the end of this sample.