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Title: The Path of a Lightworker        
Author: Rae see this author's profile        
Price: $ 9.99        
Description: In 2010 I began to approach life with a different perspective. Instead of accepting everything I had been taught, I began to ask questions. Why is there so much bounty on our planet, yet children starving in streets all around the world? What is something that I can do to make a difference? And not just in my world, what can I do to make a lasting and effective change in the way that the world works? It has been said that in order to change the world, first one must change themselves first. I have put together a collection of my thoughts, some of my Truth, some of my journey. I do not offer anything other than what I have found to be True for me. My hope is that someone will read what I have shared and begin to ask themselves similar questions.    
Number of Pages: 27        
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