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Title: Caught Up        
  Part One        
Author: Andira Nicole see this author's profile        
Price: $ 6.99        
Description: Nina is a hood chick by definition. All of her life she has used her good looks and knowledge of the game to get by. Hooking up with the hood’s number one drug dealer, only made her name more exclusive. Nina knows exactly what she wants out of life and it only involves money and power. On the another hand, her best friend Michelle, has always been a bookworm. Ever since high school, she has achieved every goal she has set. She was voted head of the cheerleading squad, prom queen, married the love of her life, and climbing the corporate ladder. Michelle is no stranger to hard work. Nina has always been jealous of Michelle’s achievement, but that jealousy grew once Michelle married her high school sweetheart, Terrance. She made a vow to ruin their marriage and steal Terrance from Michelle. She would finally have everything for a hood successful life. (money, power, and love) After an intense Ménage a trio, the couple’s take a trip full of lust, lies, and murder. That only leaves their lives in the demented hands of Nina. Nina knows what she has to do for love. Do you know what you would do for love?    
Number of Pages: 45        
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Category > Romance    
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