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The Seed
James Roberts
Title: The Seed        
  Yankee Hatch Series        
Author: James Roberts see this author's profile        
Price: $ 1.99        
Description: “THE SEED” is a doomsday thriller about agricultural warfare on a global scale. It features a female hero and multiple plotlines on three continents, with the threat to life on Earth without cereal grains! It’s a novel and screenplay with strong film potential. Here’s a brief summary of the plot. Madman Ishma Jiddar, billionaire Saudi prince, kidnaps America’s foremost agricultural researcher to create an airborne bio-weapon for global agricultural warfare. His trump card is the accumulation of all available cereal grain on Earth, offered in trade for capitulation of the West. But he overachieves, inadvertently releasing a poison into the atmosphere that will prevent pollination of Earth’s cereal grains and obliterate harvests for the next two centuries. Forestalling this global calamity requires a new generation of grain, so the U.S. drafts our female hero Yankee Hatch, the wealthy, beautiful and reclusive agent who is America’s most secretive “Finder of the Lost”. The Yank takes her amazing team on a global search for a legendary Seed – the precursor of Maize – with ancient genetics that are immune to the poison. But to find THE SEED she must find the lost gold reserve of the Confederacy, with which THE SEED is buried. Jiddar then ups the ante, threatening to destroy his hoard of a hundred million tons of grain with a nuclear device in ninety-six hours. This action morphs the search into a light-speed race to find THE SEED and defeat Jiddar…in time!    
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